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  • Led by Mr. Kailash Biyani, AMSEC over the last two decades has transformed itself from a traditional Indian brokerage arbitrage firm to a full-service research-based house.

    Today, AMSEC is a diversified and well-integrated financial services firm that provides world-class Portfolio Management Services and Institutional Equity Services. Its clientele include Indian and foreign financial institutional investors, banks and HNIs. AMSEC has deep corporate relationships in the small and mid-market segment.

    The global experience of its management helps AMSEC in bringing new ideas and thinking into India, ahead of the curve. It combines pedigreed top talent from bulge-bracket Wall Street and Indian firms. It seeks to leverage this unique combination and push the envelope. It has striven to bring best practices with a focus on the value of its relationships.

    Team PMS

    Our Team is a mixture of experience (with professional having more than three decades of experience) and youthful exuberance. They assist clients in creating wealth over a long term.

    • B. N. Manjunath: Chief Investment Officer, PMS
      B. N. Manjunath

      Mr. Manjunath has done his MA (Hons) in Economics in First Division from BITS Pilani. Overall 32 years of work experience with 27 years in equity markets he has worked with the best in the industry. In his previous assignment he was a consultant to Ward Ferry Management that had over USD 1 Bln under management.

    • AMSEC Research

      The Research team at AMSEC has carved out a niche name for themselves in the markets. With more than 50 years of total experience between them, AMSEC has identified multiple growth stocks with potential upside early in the life cycle.

    AMSEC PMS - Focused, disciplined, Research driven

    • Professional approach. With strict adherence to investment discipline.

    • Incisive research. Deep down study of stocks before investing. Active monitoring once exposure is taken.

    • Compounding at work. Long term approach with underlying principle of compounding entails wealth creation.

    • Close tracking of the performance. Adapt strategy to balance large caps and midcaps if and when required.

    • Committed to Wealth Creation by nurturing your investment !

    AMSEC PMS Strategies

    The portfolio would be aiming to provide medium to long term returns by investing in cherry picked stocks across Large, Mid and Small capitalization companies. The emphasis is to invest in a diversified portfolio of companies having good corporate governance, sustainable growth prospects, emerging sectors and turn around stories.

    Portfolio Characteristics:

    • Multicap strategy

    • Diversified portfolio of 25-30 carefully chosen names

    • To minimize risk to one sector, a sector exposure limit of 30% would be maintained

    • Principle of margin of safety to be followed

    • Combination of top-down & bottom-up approach

    • Balance between growth and value

    • Focus on companies which are well managed & have sustainable growth with good balance sheet

    • Lookout for emerging sectors and turn around stories

    Fee Structure:

    1. Variable Fee Option
    Fixed Management Fees
    1.5% pa
    Performance Fees
    15% sharing above 10% hurdle rate
    2. Fixed Fee Option
    Fixed Management Fees


    1. Fixed Management fees will be charged quaterly in arrears based on daily AUM

    2. Performance fees will be charged on Annual basis

    3. Principal of high water mark will be followed while calculating performance fees

    4. Brokerage, Custodian Fees, DP Charges, Government taxes, Audit Fees will be charged on actual

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